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Best And Effective Alternative To Scanpst.exe Download

Do you want to do scanpst.exe download? Is in-built scanpst.exe applications not working? Are you facing troubles while handling your Outlook? Are you unable to correct PST file issues and so want scanpst.exe download? Don't panic, read this post and you will get easy way for scanpst.exe download.

Consider a scenario to understand the scanpst.exe related issues. Suppose you have decided to update the antique Outlook version 2007 to Outlook 2016. thereby updating the Outlook, you tried to open the new Outlook version which showed this error message :

“Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opened. The file c:\Users\Scott\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst cannot be opened.”

In fact, no any helpful suggestion was given along with the error message. Then you thought of trying the old version of Outlook but got equally same useless error message which screwed me up. An idea all of a sudden clicked into your mind. You had used scanpst.exe to fix similar issues before from Microsoft so you tried to find it out and download it but again you found nothing. On asking help from Microsoft, it might tell you that scanpst.exe is already on your PC. On being unable to find scanpst.exe in your computer, there is need for scanpst.exe download. Before you go for scanpst.exe download, you need to know little about Outlook and scanpst.exe.

About Scanpst

Microsoft Outlook is an email client which is the best email service provider by Microsoft. This email application is used to send and receive mails across the globe as well as enables users to maintain the emails in an organized way. It easily manages mailbox items such as emails, attachments, contacts, journals, calendars, tasks, notes, events and many more. This email application is most popular and widely used by more than thousands of people. It comes along with complete Microsoft package so that user need not to install it individually.

Similarly, scanpst.exe is an in-built feature of Outlook application that comes along with Outlook and users do not need to install it separately. However, it is little cumbersome to locate the exact location of scanpst.exe file still it is able to solve various PST related issues. Since Outlook is widely used, users can face many unexpected troubles regarding PST. Some unexpected errors are easy to tackle while some may seem complicated leaving no clues or idea for user on how to fix them.

Features of Scanpst.exe

  1. Recovers mailbox items from Outlook shutdowns
  2. Able to fix Outlook start-up errors
  3. Recovers all Outlook mailbox items such as emails, contacts, calendar, tasks etc
  4. Recovers HTML & RTF mails
  5. Recovers HTML & RTF mails
  6. Provides recovery from compressed PST file problems
  7. Also fix 2GB size limitation problems
  8. Facilitates repairing of password protected PST files
  9. Easy and simple recovery option

How Does Scanpst.Exe Work?

When any corruption or damage to PST file occurs then scanpst.exe files is used to fix the issue. As soon as you start using scanpst.exe application, you will find that the scanpst.exe checks for folder in PST files and then compares the content of the PST table. The scanpst.exe ensures users that folders, sub-folders and other messages has exact and proper format entry in PST table. It makes sure that each particular entry is in proper format and if there is no entry, scanpst.exe corrects the format. And if there is entry but not entered, scanpst.exe corrects the format here as well. So when it stops working or does not work, scanpst.exe download is needed.

When scanpst.exe runs, it performs the following functions :

  • The directory structure of PST file is thoroughly examined by scanpst.exe along with its header items and recovers items and folders from it. If the data is successfully recovered, it means that the application has detected the problem and has fixed it.
  • It tries to turn an executable file into PST file. Suppose if there was an executable file named as “extra.pst”, scanpst.exe tool will make an attempt to make it a mountable PST folder.

Why Is The Need For Scanpst.Exe Download?

Usually, the scanpst.exe comes along with Outlook application and get installed along with it on the PC. But there is something with scanpst.exe file and that is it is little difficult to find the exact location of scanpst.exe file. In case, if you need this application to run then you must know about its exact location then only you can run it for fixing the errors else it would be little difficult to make use of it. However, when any corruption or damage to PST file occurs, scanpst.exe is generally needed to fix the problem.

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair 4/5
Remo Repair Outlook (PST) 3/5
Kernel For Outlook PST Recovery 2.5/5

Why Does Scanpst.Exe Fail To Fix The Problems?

Even though the scanpst.exe is a Microsoft proprietary default repairing tool, it sometimes fails to work or does not respond. This tool can also fail in fixing the problem making you feel the need for scanpst.exe download. The Inbox Repair tool at times may not be able to fix the damaged PST files under following circumstances and situations. Scanpst.exe may not work when :

  • Scanpst.exe itself is damaged due to virus infection or unknown malicious program
  • Unexpected errors in MS Outlook that Scanpst cannot fix
  • Scanpst.exe does not work in case of severely damaged or corrupted PST file

These are few limitations when scanpst.exe does not work and thus there is need for scanpst.exe download. So don't panic when you encounter scanpst.exe related problems, you must find ways for scanpst.exe download or some other alternatives to it. This will enable you to get help in the recovery of lost mail items from Outlook. Few Best Alternatives To Scanpst.Exe File

In case, scanpst.exe stops working or does not respond or you are unable to locate its exact location or you fail to do scanpst.exe download, you need a better option in such conditions. There are few top rated software listed below which will enable you to quickly and safely recover mailbox items. So if you are looking for software that can replace scanpst.exe and retrieve all the lost files then try one of these software mentioned here.

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair is an assured method of repairing and recovering corrupt or damaged personal storage file of Outlook in a perfect way. Its absolute unique working style targets the corrupt or damaged PST files, extracts all mailbox items, and saves recovered data in a new PST file that can be imported into Outlook application. PST file corruption or damage puts an halt to the working of any user who are willing to use MS outlook as primary email client. Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair is a smart recovery tool to repair damaged or corrupt Outlook PST file and restores Outlook email items which includes mails, calendar, contacts, journals, notes, attachments etc.

This software is the best alternative for scanpst.exe download. The PST repair software allows you to easily recover accidentally deleted emails as well as all the its items. This multi featured recovery tool enables you to preview the recovery items. Once the PST files are successfully recovered, you can check the content and save them on your desired location in either PST file format or other file formats.

Key features of Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair

  • Enables easy, simple and hassle-free PST Repair
  • Provides recovery of Outlook mail items from Damaged PST
  • Provides recovery of data from encrypted PST
  • Recovers accidentally deleted mailbox items
  • Facilitates Multiple file formats to save the recovered items
  • Facilitates split the PST according to mail ID, size, and date

Steps To Use Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair

  • Choose PST File for Repair on the main interface of software. A dialog box comes up which provides two options: to 'Browse' and 'Find' the corrupt PST file, you wish to repair.

  • Click on Browse button to obtain PST file from the computer. Select the PST and then click 'Repair' to initiate the repair process.

  • In case, if you don't know the exact location of file, click Find button. Choose drives one after another to search for PST files. Next, click on Find.

  • The progress bar shows running status of scan process.

  • In the left side tree panel, all the recoverable mailboxes items are listed from the scanned PST file. Also, you can select all or any a specific mailbox item from the list which you want to recover.

  • Now, click on Save Scan button to save scanned information about corrupt PST file. You do not need to scan a damaged PST file again.

Remo Repair Outlook (PST)

Remo Repair Outlook is another excellent repairing tool when scanpst.exe download doesn't work out for you and fails to give required output. The recovery software is incorporated with non-destructive techniques during the entire scanning and fixing process. The recovery tool ensures that the source PST file will not be altered so it is extremely safe to use. Also, the Remo can easily handle a PST file which is more than 2GB in size that many other PST recovery tools don't support. Remo recovery tool can run under any Windows-based systems and supports almost all the versions of Outlook.

This is very flexible tool that has an interactive and easy to use interface. It allows simple and quick scanning of the application. In addition, Remo Repair Outlook is able to regain mails from the broken PST files, that may have got corrupted due to exceeded file size. With the help of this tool, you are able to repair PST files and its attributes including contacts, notes, journals, events, tasks, calendar etc.

Features of Remo Repair Outlook (PST)

  • Repairs corrupt or inaccessible PST files and its attributes
  • Easily repairs password protected or compressed PST file
  • Provides real-time preview of all the recovered Outlook Data
  • Quickly recovers deleted, lost an missing Outlook items
  • Able To fix over sized PST file

Steps To Use Remo Repair Outlook (PST)

  • Download and install Remo Repair Outlook (PST) on your PC.
  • On the main screen, there will be three options, select as per your need. Select Open Default PST File to open default location of PST file. if you know the location of corrupted pst files, click Select PST File Manually. And choose Find All your PST Files option if you do not the location of your file.

  • Now, at this step, another two options will be displayed i.e, Normal Scan and Smart Scan. Choose the option according to your need.

  • Then, click on Repair button.

  • Save your files at desired location.

Kernel For Outlook PST Recovery

Kernel for Outlook PST Repair is another trusted and professional repairing tool corrupt, damaged or inaccessible Outlook PST files. This software can easily recover severely corrupted, password-protected or any other PST file in just no time. The tool ensures quick and secure recovery of all mailbox items including attachments, contacts, journals, events, tasks and other mailbox items that are stored in PST files. Kernel software is even capable of repairing PST files that are corrupted due to size issue. This PST repairing tool is designed to recover multiple PST files altogether to save time and human effort.

Kernel recovery software also offers its user to save recovered items simply by selecting a date from a date range to their specified location. Here are some highlights of the software which will make you believe this why software is effective one and no need for scanpst.exe download.

Features of Kernel For Outlook PST Recovery

  • Repairs all the mailbox items of the PST file including tasks, journals, events, calendars, contacts, etc
  • Able to fix all PST corruption issues including file header corruption, hard disk failure, abrupt system shutdown, virus attacks, sudden application exit, power failure etc.
  • Ensures accurate recovery of mailbox data items without distorting the data quality
  • Simple and easy to operate with its user-friendly interface
  • Provides in-built search option to find corrupt PST files in a specific volume or drive

Steps To Use Kernel For Outlook PST Repair

  • Open the software by clicking Kernel for Outlook PST Repair - > Kernel for Outlook Repair.

  • Click on Browse button if you already know the location of corrupt PST file. Else, select Search button to search the PST file. A new window will be opened named as Search PST File.

  • Here, selected PST file will be enlisted in Source File Selection window. Click Next.

  • A new window named Information will appear and inform you about the process of repairing PST file and the available output modes. Then click Finish.

  • PST files can be previewed.

  • Select the file or folder you want to retrieve and click Save button.

Final Words

The aforementioned software will help you in repairing the corrupted or damaged PST files on your Outlook application. Even though these PST repair tools are absolutely great in fixing and recovering the lost PST contents, they do not guarantee 100% recovery ability. You need to spend decent amount of time and energy using the above mentioned tools. Yet, there is one software that will enable effective and quick recovery of PST files without having the need for scanpst.exe download. Therefore, it is recommended to use Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair tool. By using this lovely software, there will be smooth and hassle-free repairing of PST files.