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How To Resolve Outlook 2010 Sync Errors

The synchronization issues folders in Outlook contains logs items, If Outlook fails to synchronize with Microsoft Exchange Server. The contents of the Outlook 2010 Sync errors folder are doesn't copied to your server that you cannot view the items in the Sync Issues folder on the other computer. If Outlook synchronization is working properly then a number of server folder items will be stored in your system. But in some cases due to any reason if the Outlook synchronization is not working properly or the synchronization process doesn't works properly between the offline folder and the server folder. In order to resolve such problems you need to first verify your outlook profile settings.


To verify the Outlook profile setting you have to follow these steps:

  1. Click on the File menu, go to the Account Settings to verify it.
  2. Verify the account data and make sure that the account name of Mailbox is set as the default.
  3. Click the E-mail tab and Mailbox account name to make changes.
  4. Also check the selected Mode to Cached Exchange and then click OK.
  5. Go to the Account Settings dialog box and click Close.

After verifying outlook profile and changes you will have to reopen your Outlook. But in case if these steps fails to resolve Outlook 2010 Sync Errors then you need an advanced third party Outlook repair tool that helps you to resolve this Outlook problems easily. As well as this application also helpful for if you experiencing with any other errors in Outlook application.