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Q: Send/Receive problems with Outlook 2010 problems.
When I send and receive all email folder then Outlook receives the same email many many times. Help me to resolve such problems.

Ans: To resolve the issue follow steps below:

  • Reopen your outlook and go to the Outlook backup.
  • Perform the Send / Receive options and finish it.
  • Make sure that you are not saving the copies of your email to the email server.
  • Verify your Account Settings.
  • Uncheck Leave copies on the server checkbox.

After following the steps below your problem will be solved easily otherwise you can use powerful and advanced Outlook repair tool that helps you to resolve such Outlook problems effectively.

Q: Mails get deleted when I configured outlook 2010 with my email server. I can see my all old emails in Outlook but newer mails are not longer stay in my outlook. My outlook automatically deleted these mails. Please help me resolve this issue.

Ans: To resolve such problem, firstly you have to find the select the option from the Outlook menu to "Leave a copy of your Outlook messages on the email server".
Go to the Tools option> Account Settings > Change > More Settings > Advanced tab > check the box for the option to "Leave a copy of messages on the server".
These steps will really helpful for you, in order to resolve this issue.

Q: When I send emails messages from Outlook 2010. It sends two copies of each emails that I sent. Help me how I can correct this and stop the sending of duplicate copy of my email messages.

Ans: This problem mostly occur if you are using an anti-virus software for scanning outbound e-mail messages. So you should try turning that off because this rarely helps to resolve such issues. After following this you will be able to resolve such problems. Otherwise you need an advanced Outlook repair tool that helps you to resolve such problems.

Q: Journal entries not displayed in Outlook 2010 but when I open the same contacts in other version of Outlook the journals are displayed. Help me resolve this problem. Thanks in advance.

Ans: At first close your Outlook
Go to the Start > Control Panel > double click on your Mail.
To select another existing profile, click on show profiles then select your profile name then open its properties.
Click Show Profiles > Click Add > Type a name for the profile, and select it > After choosing a profile restart your Outlook to choose the new profile.
After following these above steps you will be able to resolve such problems easily.